Kingsmead Security Ltd

Independent Content Security Consulting


Security Auditing


Kingsmead Security Audits

  • Standardised process, structure and output.
  • In-depth end-to-end audit of your business and technology.
  • Suitable for both technology and service providers.
  • Audits cover your processes, physical security, server/head-end security, consumer device security and cryptography.
  • Audit reports available for private or public distribution.

Security Reviews

  • Bespoke audits, tailored specifically to the needs of the client.
  • Used to investigate specific issues or evaluate risks.
  • Reports for private distribution. 

Contract Compliance


Compliance Reviews

  • Contract compliance services for your content licensees.
  • Services include security contract compliance testing and on-site licensee security reviews.
  • Technology, operations and business processes are reviewed during assessments. 
  • Ad-hoc or managed licensee compliance services are available.

Service Testing

  • Hands-on testing to validate contract compliance.
  • OTT testing includes registration checks, geo-location, DRM and output control.

General Security Consulting


Development Support

  • Project requirements specification.
  • RFP management and vendor selection.
  • Content security advisory.
  • Implementation support.


  • Review and development of international standards in content security.
  • Whitepaper development.


  • Security investigation services.
  • Ad-hoc security projects.